Excellent ability to
handle stainless steel

By making the most of the extensive knowledge of stainless steel, which has been accumulated through our long history, and the substantial experience in casting, we can add properties best suited for the customer to our products.

Rich variety of stainless steel

Different types of stainless steel offer different characteristics, including highly versatile SUS304 and SUS316, which has even better corrosion resistance compared to SUS304. The characteristics of strength and corrosion resistance vary depending on chemical compositions and heat treatment methods. The material has a wide variety with different characteristics.

Leveraging experience
in using material properties

We offer a wide range of materials with unique additional properties, such as stainless steel with high resistance against seawater and stainless steel with high rigidity.
Asano has the technological capabilities of developing products from a selection of optimum materials to best suit the customer’s use or purposes by making the most of its extensive knowledge and experience in handling stainless steel in its casting factories.

Carefully selected materials best suited
for the intended use

Our technology makes it possible to add high strength to products like auto shackles, which are handled by hand and require small size and light weight.
For products, such as purse snap shackles, consisting of multiple parts, one of which requires strength while the other requires corrosion resistance, we can create a product consisting of parts with different characteristics by choosing steels optimum for each part.

See remarkable results
in output

Based on our specialties of stainless steel, properties best suited for the customer’s use are added to Asano products, which improve work efficiency and realize outstanding results.

Snap Hook: 1SH

Our techniques make it possible to set a 1.3 t load limit to a handful fittings like Snap Hook : 1SH

Snap Hook: 1SH

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