Designing shapes tailored
to your needs

Integral molding is at the foundation of Asano design. In order to deliver excellent products to customers, we take advantage of 3D design throughout the process of product planning to manufacturing.

Optimum shape and performance realized by 3D design

Three-dimensional design is used throughout the process from designing shapes suitable for individual customers to calculation of the theoretical value of strength. Furthermore, 3D printed samples are used to check the shapes of products in the manufacturing process. We aim to achieve product performance that goes beyond customer’s expectations by improving product design through repetitive approaches of turning ideas into excellent products.

Our most sophisticated imagination to cast the ideal shape

By creating products with shapes for the human hand using metals, we create refined products of excellent usability that serve as your partner. You can see the results of our efforts in every detail of the products of Asano, which has pursued the possibility of stainless steel.

Design with functional value

When planning a product optimized for actual use conditions from scratch and in order to imagine a product that demonstrates the best performance, we first need to consider a shape without limitations. The main feature of casted products, which are the specialties of Asano, is the high design flexibility enabled by integral molding. That is, casting is suitable for freely designing products without limitations, enabling us to create products in unprecedented shapes.

Products created from free wheel thinking

Asano's valuable creations