ASANO Newsletter Vol.2


    A new-generation roller that combines both strength and beauty.


Key Features

The key features of this product, which is the successor to the Hanging Roller Type P, are that it is both strong and durable.

We have not only increased the load bearing strength through significant design improvements but have also improved the rotational performance under high load while increasing the corrosion resistance by using a stainless steel bearing.
Furthermore, the exposed sheave is the result of simultaneously considering a lightweight design without compromising strength.
Designed as a new-generation hanging roller both in name and reality.




The Product in Use

By increasing the sheave width and opening on the body, this product can be used in a large range of situations.
It has sufficient space to allow thick rope and also rigging hardware to pass through it so this product can also support unloading work on land, not just at sea or in the fishing industry field.







Full model change, bringing forth the spirit to seek the best.

■Model change to match unexpected needs

About 15 years has passed since the launch of the previous model type P.
According to Mr. Kaneda of the Design and Purchase Division, "During the investigation process, the plan was to improve the rotational performance and product strength using a sheave containing a stainless steel bearing for the first time."
However, just as we were working on this project, a request arrived from a fishing gear store in Louisiana.
This request stated "We would like the best pulley for shrimp trawl fishing using a thick rope in low latitude regions where seawater salt concentration is high and metal rusts easily."
This was the exact environment that required stainless steel bearings superior in strength and durability.




■The end of this pursuit led to a full model change

   instead of a minor change

Mr. Kaneda stated "In the beginning, we made a mold with the plan to make a minor change focusing on reinforcing part of the sheave and changing the shape of the body."
However, it became clear during verification that just a minor change would not lead to an improvement that would significantly surpass the performance of the conventional model in terms of strength, etc.
"Changing direction towards a full model change was a big decision in terms of development cost.
However, the desire to deliver the best product won out in the end."
As a result, we drastically reviewed the shape of the body and were successful in improving both strength and durability while minimizing body deformation by such means as improving the sheave pin holder and changing the retaining method of the pin end nut.




■A new model combining both strength and beauty

The product has a design that is of course strong for loads despite having a compact size.
This model is no different in terms of its functional beauty, which has had any unnecessary aspects removed, a feature common to all Asano products. Hairline finishing was used to take advantage of the fine edges on the sides of the product.
We aimed for a beautiful form to which customers become attached by creating slight edges that disappear with a mirror finish.






Collaboration with the craftsmanship of Alaska

―Evaluation from Mr. Josiah of Bulletproof Nets―


Customized fishing net maker based in Alaska

Bulletproof Nets (hereinafter referred to as BPN) provides fishing nets for squid, herring and salmon fisheries on the west coast of America.
"We differentiate ourselves by selecting new and different materials and construction techniques to meet the needs of our modern fisheries," says Josiah, chief operations officer.
BPN was established in 2006 by Matthew Alward when he took over the business from Dan Moran, a master net builder who instructed Matthew in the trade.
When through searching for high quality material, Matthew and Josiah the current owners decided to work with Asano.
"I feel that working with Asano we have found a company whose aesthetic matches our own."


















Fishing nets made from

"Quality craftsmanship & cutting edge materials"

"I enjoy the clean and concise design of our nets, where all extraneous pieces have been done away with and the client is left with a net that catches fish and is easy to maintain," says Josiah.
The manufacturing methods of BPN are maintained by both the craftsmanship inherited from their founder and the utilization of cutting edge materials.
"With so many materials available to the modern net builder one must choose materials very carefully. This is the hardest part of net design that I face."
Thus, they are striving to get the people who fish to trust new ideas and materials.
"Fishing has a long history and people who fish are slow to trust new ideas and materials. Through building a trusting relationship we strive to build better and new nets, slowly changing the way things are done and changing minds."
In seek of proper material, Bulletproof Nets have worked with Asano and other Japanese companies, and have also purchased steel hardware, knotless netting and lines from companies in America, Peru and India.





















Asano as a business partner

"We have for the first time had a company building equipment for our fishery, that we help design." The approach from BPN was a great honor for Asano. Josiah highly values Asano's aspiration and their quick correspondence.
"Whenever I have a critique, Asano is very fast to change or improve a product.
When Snap Shackle 2 was produced with a lock pin that was fastened by a split ring only that would not be strong enough for fishing, Asano in a very short period of time produced a pin that fixed the problem.
I would like to bring this attitude to my own company."
When Josiah was asked what he expects from Asano in the future, he replied "continued refinement of established products that we have worked on together and development of new products to fill the needs that exist in our market".
"I hope Asano can visit again to see first hand how their products are being used now and to look for other areas where Asano can bring their expertise to solve problems we experience."
Asano will continue to make full use of its experience and knowledge cultivated in Japan to develop products that provide satisfaction to global markets like BPN.






Hello everyone.

The second edition of the "Asano newsletter", that launched in April 2017 has been completed.

We would appreciate if you could spare some time during your workday to read this newsletter, perhaps during your break.

Asano Metal Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Sanjo city, Niigata prefecture.

The area is filled with nature and you can also see very beautiful cherry blossoms in the park next to our company.

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