ASANO Newsletter Vol.12


We are pleased to announce a new model with improved durability designed to handle heavier loads.


We have added a new model to ASANO's flagship products - the Auto Shackle Series.

The new model has been designed based on Auto Shackle Type II, which features a gate release mechanism that enables users to release the gate by simply pulling a cord attached to the main body. This new model is an upgraded version with improved durability and impact-resistance that is designed to be used for heavier loads.

It has been redesigned based on verification results of details such as the sectional thicknesses and mechanisms. While the working load limit of our conventional Auto Shackle Type II is 2.0 tons, the new model has a top limit of 2.8 tons, which is approximately 1.4 times that of the conventional model.

Auto Shackle Type II-S can be used in situations involving heavier loads.

※If the gate is released while a heavy load is being applied, the subsequent strong impact against the main body may damage the product. In some cases, an accident involving the released load hitting surrounding objects or people may result.



We have a varied product lineup. In this section, we will introduce our products that tend to be overlooked, but that we should be recommending with confidence.
In this newsletter, we introduce our stainless steel harpoon series. Although these products have been on the market for quite some time, the number of inquires received from overseas customers regarding our harpoons has recently begun increasing.
Please keep a close eye on our stainless steel harpoon heads.


ASANO will continue to improve monozukuri (manufacturing) in 2020.

In 2019, we were able to deliver a large number of products that are beloved by marine professionals in Japan as well as around the world.
We exhibited our products at exhibitions in Denmark and Seattle, USA, and introduced our products to many visitors. We also received feedback that was incorporated into development of our new products and improvement of our existing ones. We received valuable comments from our customers during our sales activities around Japan, and we were able to promote planning and development of products that incorporated the input from people in the field.
In 2020, we will pay further attention to customer demands and will continue our efforts to comply with customer requirements.To move on to a new stage while maintaining our basic approach to monozukuri (manufacturing) for our fishing gear and ship fittings.
Please look forward to our progress.


A new "Stainless Steel Hardware Catalog" has been published.


A new "Stainless Steel Hardware Catalog" containing ASANO's primary products was published in November 2019. It contains over 2,000 items, including stainless steel pulley blocks, fishing gear, ship fittings, rigging hardware, and wire ropes.

The new size blocks, Purse Ring Type BL Size 100, which is fishing gear used for purse seines, and AK Hook Type G that has been developed for connecting gill nets have been added to our new catalog. All of these products make use of the basics of ASANOʼ s monozukuri (manufacturing) methods.

Please request our latest catalogs via our website or download our catalogs in PDF format from the following URL.

Overseas customers can download product summaries or an English language catalog published in September 2019 by scanning the QR code on the right.

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One month has already passed since 2020 began. I hope all is well with you.

I am in charge of sales for our customers in Fukui, Hyogo, and Okayama, Japan.
The fishing industry in Japan is a mature industry. To develop new products and improve existing ones to further develop the fishing industry, we would like to visit you and hear your feedback.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The year 2020 has started. 2020 is the year that the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Japan.
I am personally looking forward to the baseball games. I have my favorite baseball team, however, I am looking forward to seeing tough competition between players from different countries.

Which sports are you looking forward to? See you soon.

sales.png Kazuto Nakamura, Sales Division