ASANO Newsletter Vol.11

ASANO Newsletter vo.11



Opinions from workplaces in Sitka, Alaska

We visited Bulletproof Nets, a fishing net manufacturer and our long-time business partner. We received opinions about the products and saw the fishing sites.We were delighted to see ships equipped with ASANO products at the fishing port.



Meeting with dealers in Seattle

Fisheries Supply, Seattle's leading fishing gear and ship fittings dealer, features an extensive selection. At the store, many ASANO products were on exhibit, and the elaborate display was impressive.



Inspection of planned new warehouse near Los Angeles

The establishment of a US warehouse is a new endeavour by ASANO. To achieve this, we inspected the planned site. We expect to provide inventory centered on the main products, as well as complete delivery and shipping services for American customers. We also went to the Port of Los Angeles to gather information.



Visiting customers in Oahu, Hawaii

We visited Pacific Fishing Supply, a company we started trading with at the Pacific Marine Expo exhibition in Seattle. We also got a look at a tuna processing plant operated by the company. Even in Oahu's port, we saw a fishing boat equipped with ASANO's "Long Liner Wani-Block".




The tough "Heavyduty Block" is reborn to be tougher.



Based on a detailed strength analysis, the design was changed to improve the strength compared to the current model while preventing an increase in weight. Furthermore, the rotational stability is improved by doubling the shield bearing. Verification and improvement are in progress, and new models will be shipped sequentially based on inventory of the current model.


In September 2019, we renewed the English catalog that covers ASANO products, ranging from popular stainless steel pulley blocks, fishing gear, and ship equipment to a wide variety of rigging hardware and wire ropes.

The catalog introduces items for various fishing and marine industries, such as the "AK Block Type PB-S" , which is expected for use in aquaculture nets,
and the "AK Hook Type G" , which is expected for use in connecting gill nets.

Please take this opportunity to download it from the following URL.

The new Japanese catalog will be published in late November 2019. Stay tuned.


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Hello everyone!
Thank you for your continued support for Asano Metal Industry.

As introduced in this issue, we went to the US in September for sales activities.
On the last day, we visited our customers in Hawaii, focusing on the west coast of the US, which is an important
foothold for overseas expansion for ASANO.

From the customer's storefront to actual onboard ship operations, our one week there was just a continuous
learning experience.
The photo shows a visit to a salmon upstream run in Alaska.
It was one of the most impressive places of the business trip.

Coming up in November is the exhibition in Seattle, US.
We've prepared many new products and are waiting for you!

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