Wire Rope Clip(SUS316)/(SUS304)

*Materials: Main body is SCS14 for SUS316, and SCS13 for SUS304.

*The holding power of the Wire Rope Clip is 80% of the breaking load of the wire rope when fastened correctly as shown blow. In practical use, please use wire rope within safety tolerances, taking into consideration breakage load limits.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK15200 $2.36
AK15201 $2.65
AK15202 $2.78
AK15203 $3.10
AK15204 $3.58
AK15205 $3.90
AK15206 $6.63
AK15207 $8.69
AK15208 $11.40
AK15209 $15.72
AK15210 $26.28
AK15211 $34.89
AK15212 $46.00
AK15213 $75.50
AK15214 $128.30
AK15215 $168.45
AK15216 $208.43
AK15901 $1.95
AK15902 $2.08
AK15903 $2.29
AK15904 $2.68
AK15905 $3.30
AK15906 $5.03
AK15907 $8.52
AK15908 $9.50
AK15909 $13.22
AK15910 $17.78
AK15911 $25.39
Drawing Material Dia of wire rope(mm) r(mm) d(mm) P(mm) H(mm) H1(mm) L(mm) B(mm) Clamping torque(Nm) Qty(pcs.) Space(cm) Unit Weight(g)
Drawing SUS3161.50.8M25812.51010-353
Drawing SUS31621.3M378.5171515-359
Drawing SUS31631.8M371119.51616.51.33511
Drawing SUS31642.3M491323.518182.23518
Drawing SUS31653.0M511152722203.03528
Drawing SUS31663.5M613173327244.43545
Drawing SUS31684.5M81820403631104584
Drawing SUS31695.0M820224538331046108
Drawing SUS316105.5M1022235045351647148
Drawing SUS316126.5M1226276051392048232
Drawing SUS316147.5M1228316553453049289
Drawing SUS316168.5M143234.575604845410421
Drawing SUS316189.5M143437.580625345512499
Drawing SUS31620-2212.0M184444.5100786280513868
Drawing SUS31624-2513.5M204848.511086681005161191
Drawing SUS31626-2815.0M22545512094751205171589
Drawing SUS31630-3217.0M22585913098791506201860
Drawing SUS30421.3M3710.518.513.513.5-357
Drawing SUS30431.8M3712201615.51.33510
Drawing SUS30442.3M491424.51917.52.23517
Drawing SUS30453.0M511152622203.03524
Drawing SUS30463.5M613183426.5224.43540
Drawing SUS30484.5M81721.540.53428104578
Drawing SUS30495.0M1020.5225340301647134
Drawing SUS304105.5M1022235242.533.51647155
Drawing SUS304126.5M122627625037.52048236
Drawing SUS304147.5M122832675142.53049283
Drawing SUS304168.5M14323377604745410414