Purse Ring Type O

The roller edge part covers the body to prevent the body and purse line from rubbing against each other. Moreover, the roofed body prevents nets and ropes from getting caught.

*Material: Special stainless steel
Roller shaft/set screw : SUS304
Bush: copper alloy

*Since the roller is made of special stainless steel, so recommended using fiber rope. When using a steel wire rope with this product, there is a possibility the roller will be shaved by wire rope depending on the size of the workload, etc.,

*A worn roller can be replaced by using a hexagon wrench. Enabling easy replacement of parts reflects ASANOs policy to have our customers use our products for a long period of time.
After reinstalling the roller, apply LOCTITE (No.243) or similar adhesive to the threaded part of the roller shaft (M18).
In addition, apply ThreeBond MEC thread lock (No.2446) or similar adhesive to the hexagonal socket head set screw (M8/for preventing a rotate of roller shaft).

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK18291 $531.20
AK18293 $758.00
Drawing Size D(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) A(mm) A1(mm) B(mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) B3(mm) Hex. Wrench dia.(mm) Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit (t)
Drawing 1205229512018750652018971.5120504.144.43.0
Drawing 1805236618625350652026471.518050146.23.0