Auto Shackle Type 3

Auto Shackle can be used for connecting purse seine net and purse ring.

The spring can be replaced with separately-sold new one when it does not function fully due to aging degradation.
After taking top screw off from the body using a hex. wrench, the spring can be removed easily for replacement.

*After replacing the spring, put threadlocking adhesive such as LOCTITE on the thread and screw in the body.
Check the screw securely fastened on a regular basis.Replace the screw as well when replacing the spring.

The gate can be easily released by inserting a spike.

The large 12mm shaft promotes higher strength. And the hook is newly developed especially for this model.

*Material: Special stainless steel
*This product is a fishing gear. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling.
*The gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock.
*Spare springs and screws are available (sold separately).Please contact us.
*If the gate is released while a load is applied, the main unit may be subjected to strong impact and the product may be damaged, or an accident may occur, such as a released load hitting the surrounding objects or people.

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Drawing M111122080295823.5284853700.8
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