Purse Auto Shackle PAT.

Purse Auto Shackle is a commercial fishing gear for purse seiners. Auto Shackle is redesigned to connect directly to a shackle. It can be used for connecting between ropes and rings.

*Material: Special Stainless Steel
Pin: SUS316
Retaining Ring: SUS304
*This product is a fishing gear. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling.
*The gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock.
*If the gate is released while a load is applied, the main unit may be subjected to strong impact and the product may be damaged, or an accident may occur, such as a released load hitting the surrounding objects or people.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK18200 $174.45
AK18201 $260.18
Drawing Size d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) A(mm) B(mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) B3(mm) D(mm) Thread dia.(mm) Hex. Wrench dia.(mm) Stopper Ring Size Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit (kg)
Drawing M131583912830135826285226W1/288630800
Drawing L161944815632167032306432W5/8101013451300