Pipe Joint (Angled Base)

* Materials: SCS14 (equivalent to SUS316)
Set Screw: SUS304
* Set Screws: Hexagon socket set screws (1/4-28 UNF)
* Use a hexagon wrench (1/8"").

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK2470 $28.58
AK2471 $29.63
AK2472 $28.73
AK2473 $29.78
Drawing -(mm) L(mm) B(mm) P(mm) P1(mm) H(mm) H1(mm) H2(mm) A Hole dia.(mm) Unit Weight(g)
Drawing 224478612735816455.5185
Drawing 254883662935816456195
Drawing 224478612743816605195
Drawing 254883662943816606205
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