Four-Forked Anchor for Free Forming

*Material: SUS304
*This product is made to order.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK3040 $116.00
AK3041 $146.00
AK3042 $189.50
AK3043 $219.00
AK3044 $239.50
AK3045 $323.00
AK3046 $457.00
AK3047 $650.00
Drawing Unit Weight(kg) d(mm) d1(mm) L(mm)
Drawing 1.6kg198798
Drawing 2kg228821
Drawing 2.5kg238983
Drawing 3kg258995
Drawing 3.5kg2881,021
Drawing 5kg3281,175
Drawing 7kg3691,282
Drawing 10kg40101,506
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