3-Way Roller

The body is an integrated type with curved lines.
This prevents ropes from being caught.

*Materials: Body & Roller: Special Stainless Steel
shaft: SUS304
Bush: Nylon

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK19001 $416.50
AK19002 $517.50
AK19003 $715.40
AK19004 $1,010.50
Drawing Size(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) B(mm) P(mm) P1(mm) W(mm) H(mm) H1(mm) Hole dia.(mm) Hex. Wrench dia.(mm) Unit Weight(kg)
Drawing 1501529745134293050296.52/2.5/61.1
Drawing 200204132601824246664092.5/3/82.5
Drawing 2502551777522954607442112.5/3/144.36
Drawing 3003062069027262729452113/3/176.7
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