Circular Clip


*The Working load values given assume that the set
screws are tightened to the torque values in the table
above, and in combination with the 7x7, or 7x19 cable
and wire ropes.
*A hexagon wrench is not included.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK15177 $5.23
AK15178 $5.51
AK15179 $5.62
AK15180 $6.43
AK15181 $7.71
Drawing Dia of rope(mm) L(mm) D(mm) D1(mm) Hexagonal wrench Clamping torque(Nm) Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit (kg)
Drawing 112620.90.15210
Drawing 1.2/1.515931.50.5720/30
Drawing 21610421.2840
Drawing 2.5181252.52.21550
Drawing 3201462.52.21770
Drawing 42217833.527100
Drawing 52819104539150
Drawing 632221251156200
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