Ferrule (Stainless Steel)

*Material: SUS304
*Caution: When used with stainless steel wire rope, the aluminum Ferrule may cause galvanic corrosion in wet environments(sea water,moisture,etc). We recommend the use of stainless steel Ferrule for stainless steel wire rope.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK15280 $0.55
AK15281 $0.60
AK15282 $0.76
AK15283 $1.02
AK15284 $1.42
AK15285 $4.61
Drawing Dia of rope(mm) d(mm) B(mm) L(mm) t(mm) Unit Weight(g)
Drawing 11.2370.40.19
Drawing 22.24.4120.50.56
Drawing 33.46.8140.61.28
Drawing 44.59.51627.5
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