Wire Rope Clip (Single)/(Double)

*Diameter of wire rope used may differ from the above mentioned sizes.
*The gaps between clips and the length of wire rope at the end of the clip should be at least six times longer than the rope diameter.

For your quotation/Supply price, please tick the box and click the “Quotation” below.

Inquiry No. List Price
AK7410 $1.06
AK7411 $1.18
AK7412 $1.55
AK7413 $2.21
AK7414 $3.39
AK7415 $6.24
AK7416 $9.88
AK7420 $1.84
AK7421 $1.97
AK7422 $2.62
AK16813 $3.81
AK16814 $6.18
AK16815 $11.50
AK16816 $17.76
Drawing Spec Dia.of wire rope (mm) Size(mm) L(mm) B(mm) Unit Weight(g)
Drawing Single1.5215114
Drawing Single2317145
Drawing Single342017.510
Drawing Single45251914
Drawing Single56302526
Drawing Single68383149
Drawing Single81047.537.592
Drawing Double1.5230119
Drawing Double23341411
Drawing Double344017.521
Drawing Double45501927
Drawing Double56602552
Drawing Double687530.5100
Drawing Double8109539184
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