* Material:SUS304
* The price is for 30 m. However, for each of the sizes 22A and
25A, the list price is the price of a 25 m chain.
* Other lengths are also available.
* For products with no prices listed, please ask us.
* Note: Do not use as a suspension chain.
* Articles marked with * are in stock. All others are on back order.

For your quotation/Supply price, please tick the box and click the “Quotation” below.

Inquiry No. List Price
AK7039 $196.60
AK7040 $230.70
AK7041 $428.85
AK7042 $341.70
AK7043 $543.90
AK7044 $511.05
AK7045 $713.85
AK7048 $716.85
AK7049 $948.30
AK7050 $1,029.00
AK7104 $1,343.15
AK7052 $1,342.50
AK7053 $1,707.00
AK7105 $1,797.00
AK7054 $1,674.00
AK7055 $2,158.50
AK7115 $2,300.00
AK7056 $2,580.00
AK7057 $3,630.00
AK7058 $5,445.00
AK7059 $7,740.00
AK17080 $9,320.00
AK17081 $12,015.00
Drawing Size d(mm) L(mm) B(mm) Weight/m(g) Ref. Work Load Limit(kg) Stock
Drawing 2A2167.56830*
Drawing 3B3301114665*
Drawing 3A3251115365
Drawing 4B43414266120*
Drawing 4A42814282120
Drawing 5B53818429180*
Drawing 5A53017493180
Drawing 6B64321633270*
Drawing 6A63621694270
Drawing 7B75124820360*
Drawing 7C75124.5907360
Drawing 8B854271,150480*
Drawing 8A848281,240480
Drawing 8C854281,220480
Drawing 9B957311,520600*
Drawing 9A954321,550600
Drawing 10B1060352,000750
Drawing 11A1166392,400900
Drawing 13A1378463,4001,250
Drawing 16A1696565,1001,900
Drawing 19A19114667,2003,750
Drawing 22A22132779,6005,000
Drawing 25A251508712,5007,250
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