Turnbuckle,Frame Body(Hook & Hook)

*Materials: SCS14 (equivalent to SUS316)
Hook bolt: SUS304
*L2 indicates the dimension at the maximum extended length.

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK2518 $7.60
AK2509 $8.55
AK2510 $13.33
AK2511 $16.35
AK2512 $21.98
AK2513 $41.98
AK2514 $76.85
AK2515 $135.00
AK2516 $302.98
AK2517 $470.98
Drawing Size(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) B(mm) S(mm) Thread dia.(mm) Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit (kg)
Drawing 4618613594116M42340
Drawing 570110166119136W3/164050
Drawing 688140205152179W1/47575
Drawing 81251892862052110W5/16170125
Drawing 91552313542502513W3/8272175
Drawing 122123034753293417W1/2665375
Drawing 162503685704004222W5/81,090600
Drawing 193004386804785025W3/42,200800
Drawing 223254897395356031W7/83,5321,000
Drawing 253505367925907036W15,2651,350
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