Eye Bolt(Metric Thread)

*Material: SUS304

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK15060 $3.19
AK15061 $3.31
AK15062 $3.52
AK15070 $3.64
AK15071 $3.77
AK15072 $4.08
AK15075 $4.57
AK15080 $4.96
AK15081 $5.30
AK15082 $5.55
AK15084 $6.25
AK15086 $6.94
AK15090 $7.11
AK15091 $7.29
AK15092 $7.56
AK15093 $7.94
AK15094 $8.21
AK15095 $8.80
AK15096 $9.18
AK15100 $12.98
AK15101 $13.63
AK15102 $13.90
AK15103 $14.45
AK15105 $15.38
AK15110 $19.48
AK15111 $21.03
AK15112 $22.15
Drawing Size(mm) M(mm) d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) D(mm) t(mm) Unit Weight(g)
Drawing 5*30M55.130251056
Drawing 5*40M55.140251057
Drawing 5*50M55.150351058
Drawing 6*30M66.130241269
Drawing 6*40M66.1402012611
Drawing 6*50M66.1503012612
Drawing 6*80M66.1806012618
Drawing 8*30M88.1302216817
Drawing 8*40M88.1402016820
Drawing 8*50M88.1503016823
Drawing 8*70M88.1705016830
Drawing 8*90M88.1907016836
Drawing 10*40M1010.24030201034
Drawing 10*50M1010.25030201039
Drawing 10*60M1010.26040201044
Drawing 10*70M1010.27050201049
Drawing 10*80M1010.28060201054
Drawing 10*90M1010.29070201060
Drawing 10*100M1010.210080201065
Drawing 12*50M1212.25037261265
Drawing 12*60M1212.26030261275
Drawing 12*70M1212.27040261280
Drawing 12*80M1212.28050261290
Drawing 12*100M1212.2100702612105
Drawing 16*50M1616.550303216125
Drawing 16*60M1616.560403216135
Drawing 16*70M1616.570503216150
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