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*Material: SUS304

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Inquiry No. List Price
AK1210 $2.78
AK1200 $3.25
AK1201 $3.80
AK1202 $4.60
AK1203 $9.04
AK1204 $12.65
AK1230 $17.00
AK1231 $23.08
AK1233 $42.48
AK1234 $70.18
Drawing Size(mm) d(mm) L(mm) L1(mm) B(mm) S(mm) Thread dia.(mm) Across Flats of Hex.(mm) Unit Weight(g) Work Load Limit (kg)
Drawing 33352975M3.56540
Drawing 44433596M4.571050
Drawing 555343108M682080
Drawing 666250139M7933110
Drawing 8875591411M101376590
Drawing 9983651612M1114103610
Drawing 101091711713M1216140880
Drawing 1212105812014M15182251,150
Drawing 1414122942117M17223651,400
Drawing 16161421102419M19265451,650